Amy Roeder
State Representative for House District 23
“Amy believes in Bangor”

About Amy

I was born in Minnesota, but I got to Maine as soon as I could. Back in my home town, people used parents' names as shorthand for an individual's character. As a result, I spent a lot of my childhood being introduced as Gwen and Jerry's girl. Looking back in light of the loss of my parents, I see what that actually means. Mom & Dad taught me fairness, strength, resilience and the value of hard work. To quote the poet Marge Piercy,

"I love people...who do what has to be done, again and again." That's my parents' legacy. I always do what has to be done. I do not shy away from doing the hard work. Why? Because I realize the responsibility inherent in being Gwen and Jerry's girl. I know that everything in life has to be earned.


I'm the adoptive mother of two incredible boys and have lived in Little City since just after moving to Maine. Currently, I am an adjunct professor at the University of Maine as well as a student in the university's Masters of Business Administration program. In addition to my work as a professor, I am a freelance business trainer and have worked with local companies such as Cianbro, Northern Light Health and Darling's through Penobscot Theatre Company's business training program. When I'm not busy teaching, learning or training, I enjoy the occasional hike in Acadia National Park and the frequent stroll through downtown Bangor.

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I am committed to fighting for fair wages, safe working conditions and expanded opportunities for all workers.

I’ve seen small businesses bring Bangor back to life and I will prioritize small business concerns over large companies who are motivated to prioritize profit over people and commercial success over our communities.

I believe strongly in public education and fully funding our schools.

I’m committed to affordable health care for all.

I will work for jobs in a greener energy sector, especially providing training and education for Mainers to work in green industries.


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Amy's recent Op-Ed

Amy wrote about policing in a recent op-ed found in the Bangor Daily News. You can read her piece - "It's time to think differently about policing" at